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Initial application setup

  1. Customize departments according to your organizational structure
  2. Set up positions & roles
  3. Add new users manually or send them invitations by email. You can create users for heads of departments only with the necessary permissions. They will add users/invite their subordinates by themselves consequently.
  4. Create locations: rooms and other locations

If you consider PMS integration, rooms will be created in Teamatix automatically. You can create rooms manually to start using Teamatix sooner. Rooms matching PMS names will be overwritten without duplicating when the integration is completed.

The application is ready to use.

Set up cleaning rules and standard cleaning times for each cleaning and room type to use the Housekeeping module* and the auto-assignment feature.

We recommend the additional setup for:

  • Task templates
  • Notification & escalation rules for chosen kinds of events in the application
  • Checklists
  • Scheduled tasks

* PMS integration is recommended